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Brunn Barn Complex

Brunn Barn Complex

The Brunn Barn Agricultural Museum opened its doors during the 2005 Woodstock Fair, culminating five years of planning by a committee that recognized a community need for a structure that could house agricultural artifacts indigenous to northeastern Connecticut.  The committee decided to find or build a barn representative of barn that might have been constructed in Woodstock during the time period 1865 to 1950. The barn, which houses a collection of old machinery and equipment, was originally located about one half mile south of its present site on the fairgrounds. It at one time belonged to the Brunn family of New York who had a summer estate in Woodstock; the barn serving to house the livestock kept there. The barn was dismantled and reconstructed on the fairgrounds during the fall of 2004 and spring of 2005. Many of the items on display were donated by area residents. We hope that new material will be donated on a regular basis to provide fairgoers with new, fresh exhibits every year. In 2007 the Woodstock Fair Association received an Award of Merit from The Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation for its work in preserving a barn of historic interest.


Brunn Barn Complex Features
The Largest Antique Tractor Show in New England

Antique Automobile Show

Large Display of Antique Engines